Background to the name – Living Proud

Living Proud was originally the name of the LGBTI Suicide Prevention Project run by GLCS and funded by the OneLife WA Suicide Prevention Strategy from December 2011 to August 2013. The name ‘Living Proud’ was chosen by the project steering committee made up of representatives of the LGBTI community and groups.

The Living Proud project aimed to reduce not only suicide but also discrimination within the LGBTI community and increase community engagement through a range of initiatives. The project was well received and accessed by a broad cross section of our diverse community.

The name change to ‘Living Proud Incorporated’ aims to reflect the organisation’s contemporary work and objectives within the LGBTI community and for LGBTI people in WA. Living Proud will be promoted as ‘Living Proud: LGBTI Community Services of WA’.

Living Proud Inc is the oldest service of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.