Please download the application document here. This contains the Selection Criteria.

Living Proud is seeking an enthusiastic and skilled individual to join our Queer & Accessible (Q&A) Project. The Q&A Project aims to increase participation of LGBTIQ+ people with disability in the queer community by building awareness, understanding and the capacity of queer leaders to remove access barriers. Lived experience and the ability to represent the needs of LGBTIQ+ with disability is essential for this position.

The following information and advice is provided to assist you in the preparation of your application.

Closing date for applications

Sunday 26 March 2023.

Lodging your application

Please lodge your application via email:

Advice to applicants

  • LGBTIQ+ with disability are encouraged to apply for this position.
  • Please read the application package carefully; it describes the tasks and functions of the position and will assist you to write your application.
  • A selection committee will determine an applicant’s suitability for an advertised vacancy from their application, interview, and referee reports only.
  • If your initial application is successful, you will be notified of this and move to the interview stage of selection.
  • The selection criteria outlines what qualifications, skills, and experience that the Selection Committee will be seeking in the successful applicant/s.

Application process

Your application must consist of two parts:

  1. Resume of Curriculum Vitate – containing your personal details and employment history relevant to this position.
  2. Response to the Selection Criteria (see below). You MUST complete this section, or your application will not be considered. Please write a short summary to let us know how your experience, skills and qualifications/training is relevant to each Selection Criteria.

Primary purpose of the position

Living Proud is delivering the Queer & Accessible Project (Q&A) which aims to increase participation of LGBTIQ+ people with disability within queer community spaces by helping to break down access barriers. This is done by partnering with queer event organisers, group leaders and venue managers to provide practical information, assistance, and financial support to bring about positive change.

The Q&A Project is funded until 30 June 2024 and this position involves supporting implementation of the project activities contained in the Action Plan which includes an information service for queer leaders, training, awareness campaigns, sport action plan, social action plan and more.

The project is made possible with an ILC (Information, Linkages and Capacity Building) grant provided by the Department of Social Services. Q&A is guided by a codesign group of people with disability who are also part of the LGBTIQ+ community.

The position will work collaboratively with the Living Proud team and external stakeholders and would suit an experienced project or event officer with lived experience and a drive to make a difference for LGBTIQ+ people with disability.

Specific duties

The Project Officer is a key member of the Q&A Project team, who have developed an Action Plan with exciting activities funded until July 2024. When the Project Officer starts, the Project Team will discuss the activity plan and the Project Officer will lead or support the following duties:

  • Work as part of the Q&A project team to plan and implement project activities as outlined in the funding agreement
  • Support the development and implementation of a community-based ‘Queer & Accessible Sport’ action plan  
  • Liaise and provide information to LGBTIQ+ community groups about grant activities as well as disability inclusion   
  • Support the development and implementation of relevant training to build the capacity of queer leaders
  • Liaise, meet and seek feedback or consultation with the project steering committee or “Experts by Experience”, made up of LGBTIQ+ people with disability 
  • Plan, promote and deliver community consultations or planning sessions 
  • Develop courses of action based on community consultations  
  • Travel to and undertake site visits to determine the accessibility of a venue, event or group and provide feedback to organisers  
  • Develop, maintain, and update online resources around accessibility  
  • Plan, develop and deliver social media campaigns  
  • Conduct surveys to collect feedback about online resources and spaces on accessibility 
  • Establish relationships between LGBTIQA+ organisations and provide ongoing organisational support 
  • Survey and provide feedback on existing policy and procedure around accessibility  
  • Book and coordinate a range of accessibility measures for LGBTIQ+ events  
  • Coordinate the provision of accessibility equipment to LGBTIQ+ organisations.


Please download the application document here. This contains the Selection Criteria. For more information about this position and preparing your application, contact Michael Atkinson 0418 346 535

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