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A Brief History

Our story starts with the ‘Campaign Against Moral Persecution (CAMP)’ and ‘Phone a Friend’. CAMP is the foundational group for many Perth LGBTIQ+ organisations. One of these was formalised as the Homosexual Counselling Service of WA in 1974. This changed to the Gay Counselling Service of WA (Inc) in 1984 and was incorporated that year. In 1990 the name was changed again to the Gay and Lesbian Community Services of WA (Inc) to reflect the wider range of services that were offered.

The name ‘Living Proud’ was originally used as the name of the LGBTI Suicide Prevention Project run by GLCS. This was funded by the OneLife WA Suicide Prevention Strategy from December 2011 to August 2013. The name ‘Living Proud’ was chosen by the project steering committee made up of representatives of the LGBTIQ+ community and groups.

Our name change to Living Proud Inc, reflects our more inclusive organisation and services. We strive to improve the health and well being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer and other sexuality, gender, and bodily diverse people and communities.

We hope to help individuals and communities feel they are “Living Proud”.