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We are proud of ourselves and of our community. No LGBTIQ+ person should have to fear violence or
discrimination and we celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance with pride.

Community & Connection

We value our community, our meaningful connections and our lasting friendships with individuals, groups and organisations who share our vision and values; we look out for each other.

Working Together

We value everyone in our team and we continually look for positive ways we can work together better. Living Proud has an open, collaborative team spirit and is a great place to work.

Building Capacity of Others

We value our role in being able to support the work of other people, groups and projects. We know we cannot realise our vision alone. When we build up and support others, it benefits us all.


We share a common ground at Living Proud and we demonstrate a respect for the things that differentiate us from one another and make each of us unique.


We demonstrate integrity in everything we say and do. It is through our integrity that we establish ourselves as a leader in effecting cultural change.


Positive Change

We seek to bring about changes that really matter; when meaningful differences are made we know we
are on the right track.

Effective Decision Making

We are committed to all aspects of good governance, and principles of responsibility and accountability. Decision-making is transparent, timely and communicated effectively.

Resilient Workforce

Maintaining good mental health and wellbeing is critically important and we strive to ensure that every one of our team has the support they need to stay well at work.


Professional partnerships are vitally important to our overall success. We welcome them, and we strive to strengthen and protect them.

Continuous Improvement

We embrace a continuous improvement mindset; we constantly ask ourselves can this be better and how can we improve in what or how we do things.

Non-Discrimination & Equality

These are fundamental rights that every LGBTIQ+ person is entitled to. We will always advocate for our staff, volunteers and community, and this is central to all areas of our work.

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