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Welcome to the Q&A Project

The Queer & Accessible (Q&A) Project connects LGBTIQ+ people with disability to the queer community by supporting queer groups and organisations to plan and promote accessible events and activities.
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Lived Experience Video

Andrew (he/him) Stroke Survivor.
“Being both queer and disabled reveals the peculiarity of society.”

The Objectives


Share the lived experiences of LGBTIQ+ people with disability to educate the wider LGBTIQ+ community and increase visibility


Build the capacity of queer leaders to drive the change required to support the inclusion of people with disability


Provide a range of resources and supports to queer leaders who manage events, venues and groups within their communities


Promote accessible queer events to LGBTIQ+ people with disability

The Team

The Q&A Project is led by a team of queer people with disability called the Experts by Experience (EbE) Team. The EbE Team have shaped the project from the very beginning by sharing their lived experience of accessing the queer community.

Fairday 2022

Coming Soon

The Q&A Team have a lot of exciting new resources, training and activities planned for 2023!

Contact the team for more details or keep an eye on our socials and website.