There are a number of ways you can help keep our unique services operating:



As a community-based organisation Living Proud relies heavily on its membership base both as a source of income and as the constituency from which we draw our community mandate.

As we enter our 44th year of providing services to the LGBTI community and enter a new era of providing our Award Winning Opening Closets training program across WA, there has never been a better time to show your commitment to our community and your support for our aims and mission.

In addition to supporting our unique and essential phone counselling line and community initiatives, you will be contributing to the provision of training that will reduce discrimination and enhance the ability of mainstream agencies to serve same sex attracted people across the state.

You will also have important voting rights at our Annual General Meeting giving you a say in the election of Board Members and the strategic direction of Living Proud. Most importantly you will be making a very real difference in the lives of LGBTI people across our state.

Download a Membership Application Form and the Living Proud Constitution.



Our service relies heavily on volunteers and we are always keen to hear from people who are willing to take on the challenges, and enjoy the benefits, that meaningful and personally relevant volunteer work can bring.

The LGBTI Community has a long tradition of volunteerism, stemming in large part from our history of marginalisation and our ongoing struggle for acceptance and equality under the law. Historically, we’ve had to rely on one another because we couldn’t find support elsewhere.  However, even these days most proud LGBTI people have strong memories of their own struggle with self-acceptance and coming out – experiences that drive a desire to help others who are embarking on a similar journey.

Why volunteer?

  • To support peers
  • To take an active and satisfying role in making your community safe and healthy
  • To gain new skills and experiences.
  • To challenge your existing views and be intellectually stimulated
  • To learn more about the wonderful diversity of human experiences
  • To benefit from training and professional development opportunities
  • To stay in touch with LGBTI community news and events

For more information about volunteering with us email

If training is required (e.g., phone counseling) you will be informed of upcoming courses and volunteer intake.