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Rainbow Training from Australia’s finest diversity trainer

How to make your organisation a champion

Rainbow Training is about being a step ahead of most of the organisations in your sector. It is about creating an inclusive place for your customers and your team.

Completing Rainbow training will allow you to connect with 11% of the population that are LGBTIQ+

  • Grow your number of customers
  • Grow the number of people who will work for you
  • Have a reputation as an inclusive and diverse compassionate brand
  • Upskill your leadership and frontline employees

Topics to be included will be

  • Understanding what LGBTIQ+ means
  • What makes a champion organisation
  • How to make the world a better place for your team and customers
  • Steps you should take first
  • Showing you are an LGBTIQ+ friendly organisation

There are steps you can take:

  • Awareness/opening Closets training – Face to face –  4  hours – a comprehensive guide to understanding LGBTIQ+ customers and team members and being a better manager and business CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
  • Rainbow Champion training – Face to face AVAILABLE FROM JANUARY 2024  –  3 hours – a comprehensive guide to inclusive practices and the key steps to being a rainbow champion for your customers and your team.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
  • Short talks – limited version – available for helping increase organisational awareness – 1 hour
  • Elearning – Awareness training- short introduction 30 minutes – knowing the basics – AVAILABLE 2024
  • Elearning – Champion training – short introduction 30 minutes knowing the basics of being a champion  AVAILABLE 2024

We can also organise a short talk (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE) to get you better informed or arrange some one-on-one consultancy to work through your specific organisation’s needs.

If you are not sure, give us a call or send us an email to discuss options.  You can make bookings direct here on this form link or give our Training and Consultancy team a call on 0481085215 or email

Please fill out this form if you are interested in any of our training.

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Queer & Accessible Trainings

A program of free disability access and inclusion training for LGBTIQ+ groups and community members to upskill our community to be more accessible and welcoming for people with disability.

Awareness - Opening Closets Training

Living Proud has been delivering Opening Closets since 2004. We regularly update the package to reflect current trends and practices. We have developed variations of the training for different sectors (corporate, disability, AOD, etc.)

Short Talks & Presentations

We can provide short talks and presentations on a range of LGBTIQ+ issues. These include basic inclusive practices, mental health and wellbeing, statistics, or other areas as requested.

Rainbow Consultancy

As well as our workshops, we can provide advice on improving policies and procedures to make them more accessible to LGBTIQ+ clients and staff.

Rainbow champions ally training

3 hour course on the skills and knowledge to be recognised as champions of LGBTIQ+ people.