Rainbow Training

Being a Rainbow Champion for your Team and Customers

This course teaches the skills and knowledge to be recognised as a true ally as an organisation or an individual.
The 3 hour course will provide your team and organisation with the skills and knowledge to be recognised as champions of LGBTIQ+ people.

This is a great course if you want to attract or be more inclusive towards customers or team members who are LGBTIQ+.
It is also ideal if you just want your brand to be seen as compassionate and inclusive. The course provides hands on skills for teams to immediate start to be champions, including:

  • Reasons to be an ally
  • Understanding discrimination
  • Why are allies needed
  • Barriers to inclusion in your workplace
  • Empathy
  • What makes a good ally?
  • Steps to being a great ally
  • Telling your customers you are an ally

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For more information please contact us on  admin@livingproud.org.au