In addition to our training workshops we can provide individual agency coaching to assist management to improve policies and procedures, making them more accessible to clients and staff who are LGBTI.

What this could look like:

  • Review of current intake and assessment forms
  • Review of current HR policies
  • Support to create diversity and inclusion policies
  • Support to create procedures for supporting clients and/or staff who are transitioning and/or have transitioned
  • Procedures for supporting gender diverse clients and/or staff
  • Review of current facility accessibility for LGBTI clients
  • Advice on supporting varying or specific needs of LGBTI staff
  • Review of current marketing material
  • Review of organisational language
  • Advice on how to promote your service as LGBTI inclusive
  • Review of organisational forms and data collection
  • Supporting organisations to come to a stance on LGBTI inclusive practice whilst maintaining board and/or ethos boundaries
  • and more needs as requested

Support required beyond one hour is offered under a fee for service model, costed per hour.

If you would like your organisation to receive support regarding policy or consultancy, please contact Living Proud on 9486 9855 or training@livingproud.org.au