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If you are not sure what steps you want to take or if you have identified specific needs, Living Proud  offers one-on-one consultancy to work through planning with your organisation. Consultancy includes areas like policy review and implementing good organisational practice.

This is a bespoke model that might include developing workshops with your team  on improving policies and procedures to make your organisation more accessible to LGBTIQ+ customers and teams.

Here are some services we offer in consultancy:

  • Review of current intake and assessment forms
  • Review of current HR policies
  • Support to create diversity and inclusion policies
  • Support to create procedures for supporting clients and/or staff who are transitioning and/or have transitioned
  • Procedures for supporting gender diverse clients and/or staff
  • Review of current facility accessibility for LGBTIQ+ clients
  • Advice on supporting varying or specific needs of LGBTIQ+ team members
  • Review of current marketing material
  • Review of organisational language
  • Advice on how to promote your service as LGBTIQ+ inclusive
  • Review of organisational forms and data collection

If you would like to discuss consultancy for your organisation, please contact us at: admin@livingproud.org.au.